Hot Diggity Dog: DJI Phantom Meat Processor

Hey kids, ever wonder what's in your hot dog? Well, here's a great way to explore that question with the use of your DJI Phantom. Smell those smokey bits as they come tearing off the blades. Yummy.

Rating: 20% Drone and 80% Awesome! Next....


Kickstarter Krazy: Lily

Kickstarter is rife with over promised, under delivered multirotor schemes. The latest being Lily, so well branded it only needs a single name. About the only thing not promised with Lily is the happy ending. Too bad a flashy website doesn't translate into real world products. We give Lily an A+ for web page design and an F for anything close to honesty in advertising. Just ask Enrique Iglesias about cuddling with a quadcopter.

Rating: 10% Drone and 90% Annoy. Next....


Jordan from the Air

Amazing, amazing, amazing. If you are looking to film with your flying camera, here's an excellent example of good flying camera footage. Stoked!

Jordan from the Air from Matador Network on Vimeo.



Amazon and Google have nothing on Pepto-Bismol when it comes to autonomous delivery of goods. Indigestion just met its match: Peptocopter!

Peptocopter Fall Anthem from Matador Network on Vimeo.


Dunder Mifflin of Drones

We head to Brazil for an entertaining technical piece that would make Ricky Gervais proud. So you need to solder a GPS shield? Well, the D4U folks have you covered. Enjoy!

Mikrokopter GPS Shield - How to Assemble from on Vimeo.


What Would You Say?

Ken Skid, yes that is his real last name, coins a few choice phrases as the result of a DJI Phantom fly away and recovery. Fly away sequence begins at about 1:32; technical fly away jargon at 1:59. Note: Not for sensitive ears, you've been warned.


Snow, Drones, and Roman Candles

Cabin fever is in full force for these dudes. Hey, I know let's strip down, strap some roman candles to the quadcopter and run for our lives.


Cheesy Drone Ad of the Week

We travel to the beautiful island of St. Martin for our first installment of Cheesy Drone Ad of the Week. Cue sweet mellow tropical tune, add a few bikini clad ladies and voila, you just made a cheesy drone ad. Remember kids that sun is hot, so be sure to wear a good waterproof sunscreen when flying in the water.